This is Jesse 'Kain' Jones

Bio  In loving memory of Jesse Vincent Daniel Jones, also known as
  Kain the Pirate and Full Metal Kain!

  Jesse was born December 12, 1980 on Haida Gwaii, BC Canada and died   tragically while on vacation in Thailand on January 29, 2011. He has two   parents, five siblings and a girlfriend who grieve his loss and miss him   terribly, along with many other friends and relatives.

  Jesse spent most of his working life with Westcoast Resorts at a remote   fishing lodge at Englefield Bay on Haida Gwaii. He was most recently their   head guide and tow master, as well as assistant lodge manager.

  Jesse was an accomplished Haida artist from the Skidegate Band, selling his   work across Canada, into the United States, and including a salmon design   that went to Europe with the BC Salmon Marketing Commission. He carved   mainly in wood and his creations include totem poles, panels, paddles and   masks. He painted designs and drew tattoo designs.